Our incredible sponsors have made generous contributions in order to make this initiative possible. Some of the ways sponsors work to ensure the success of our campaign are through offering us platforms, services, and funding. For more information about becoming a campaign sponsor, please contact Sally Lopez.


UNICEF Innovation Center is composed of an interdisciplinary team of individuals around the world tasked with identifying, prototyping, and scaling technologies and practices that strengthen UNICEF’s work. They build and scale innovations that improve children’s lives around the world. The center provides support to hundreds of global UNICEF innovation projects that may need new partners, technologies, or connections. They work on the development of and experimentation with new operational models, such as the UNICEF Fellows programme. Finally, they look at the 3-5 year future horizon for UNICEF – things that are coming but not yet ready: 3D printing, the future of transportation and identity, digital currency, and other future possibilities. For more information, visit www.unicef.org/innovation

Global Fluency

Global Fluency’s capabilities span brand positioning, public relations, content marketing, creative and digital services, social engagement, lead generation and affinity networking. Their special competency is Intelligent Market Engagement™, a new integrated approach that leverages best-in-class content marketing and thought leadership practices to accent market needs, predispose decision makers, and rapidly accelerate lead generation and prospect harvesting. For more information, visit www.globalfluency.com

Idea Scale

IdeaScale is an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for the collection of feedback and ideas. IdeaScale was born in the cloud in 2008. In its first year, IdeaScale garnered high-profile government contracts with many prestigious clients like the VA, FCC, and the Office of the President of the United States. With an outstanding foundation of compliance, security, and scalability, IdeaScale quickly expanded into the private and Enterprise sectors, where the solution is now used by many of the world’s most recognizable brands. For more information, visit www.ideascale.com


LoYakk offers a next-generation mobile engagement platform that enables organizations to instantly engage their users, consumers, partners or other audiences in a contextual and location-aware manner. Current social platforms primarily serve as ‘broadcast media’ tools that enable mass engagement or fragmented ‘hashtag-based’ engagement. Targeted, meaningful and location-ware engagement with multiple audience segments can now be a reality with LoYakk. For more information, visit www.loyakk.com