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Renewable Energy Challenge
Developing And Scaling Solutions For Burundi

June 10, 2015 – Today marks the launch of the Renewable Energy Challenge, the first challenge to be hosted on the CauseTech platform. This feature contest is supported by BoP Hub, the CauseTech Alliance, and the UNICEF Global Innovation Centre.
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CauseTech Crowdsourcing Startup Ideas For Burundi Renewable Energy

CauseTech, a new private sector initiative aimed at crowdsourcing breakthrough ideas, products and emerging technologies to support the work of UNICEF, has launched its first contest, looking for renewable energy solutions for Burundi, the most energy-poor country in the world. The first CauseTech contest is an initiative of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network. Contests aim to promote social entrepreneurship and aggregate the world’s best and brightest startups, innovators, technologists, and entrepreneurs in a global open innovation ecosystem.Read more»


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Shaping the Next Generation of South African and Global Teachers

LEAP and Teach With Africa have extended their partnership vision to create the world's first Global Teacher Institute. "Teaching with a global conscience: Shaping the next generation of South African and Global Teachers."

Unicef CauseTech: Crowd-sourcing Global Innovation for Good

This podcast, held at the Commonwealth Club, features a discussion around the significance of CuaseTech by Dr. Sharad Sapra of UNICEF, Lisa Nash of the Blue Planet Network, and Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue

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New UNICEF-backed platform looking to crowdsource innovation

The CauseTech media center provides our community with downloadable assets including logos, banners, and ads to share with your communities. Thank you for your support in helping us Succeed Where There’s a Need!. Read more»