Shaping the Next Generation of South African and Global Teachers

LEAP and Teach With Africa have extended their partnership vision to create the world's first Global Teacher Institute. "Teaching with a global conscience: Shaping the next generation of South African and Global Teachers."

CauseTech: Succeed Where There’s a Need

CauseTech celebrated its official launch at TiEcon, the world’s largest conference on entrepreneurship. Learn about how UNICEF Global Innovation Centre is pulling in the private sector to crowdsource innovations that overcome limitations in this feature video.

Startup Innovation Inspiring Business Transformation

A discussion around the BPI Network’s latest thought leadership study, Startup Innovation Inspiring Business Transformation, is featured at TiEcon, the world’s largest conference on entrepreneurship. Learn why disruptors are so significant to business transformation in this feature video.

Toniic: The Action Community for Global Impact Investing

At Toniic, it’s all about the power of the community. Toniic’s global hub is innovating at the forefront of impact investing. And 100% of the Toniic community focuses on investments that have positive social impact. Learn about CauseTech’s incredible partner in this feature video.

Unicef CauseTech: Crowd-sourcing Global Innovation for Good

This podcast, held at the Commonwealth Club, features a discussion around the significance of CuaseTech by Dr. Sharad Sapra of UNICEF, Lisa Nash of the Blue Planet Network, and Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue